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5 m lithium-ion battery solar LED street light related parameters is introduced

by:SUNFREE     2021-02-01
LED garden light circuit wiring: courtyard lamp can refer to the instruction after the installation and electrical specifications by the line connection work, it is important to note that the installation of wiring needs grounding, general LED garden light will reserve a earthing terminal, to ground, eliminate safety hidden trouble.
  1. Neck. Keep working procedure is bent into ponder on both ends of the tube billet, ensure the nozzle and the center line of the vertical, there is no Angle and height, at the same time make the after end surface polishing.
  2. Base plate. Spot welding bottom flange and steel plate, the key is to ensure that the bottom flange to the light straight vertical centerline, vertical stiffened plate and bottom flange, and the lamp straight generatrix flat line at the same time.
  3. Welding bottom flange and steel plate. Welding requirements with reference to the national standard of welding procedure, ensure the welding quality of welding seam to beautiful, porosity, slag.
  9. Open the door. This process in the process of work, must be calibrated boldness ( 1) Determine the direction of the door to see drawing first, and then according to the drawing size. Dimensions include: up and down, left and right sides, and the frame size, should be cautious when plasma cutting, guarantee, cut a straight line, at the same time cut the door plank with light pole distribution in welding to burn. Choose different community garden lights and square courtyard lamp differences in China in recent years the pace of urban construction is more and more quickly. Designs city-lighting doing is getting better and better. Especially the fashion and beautiful courtyard lamp already replaced traditional lamps and lanterns.
especially in some high-end community and civic square has become a beautiful scenery line. But most people don't know village garden lights and public square courtyard lamp still have certain difference. Below we introduce differences between the two. 5 m lithium-ion battery solar LED street lamp parameters base flange is the important components of courtyard lamp light pole and above ground installation. Courtyard lamp installation method: garden light before installation, need according to the manufacturer to provide standard flange size, use the M16 or M20 ( Commonly used specifications) Screw welded cage as foundation, and then in the installation location, the excavation, appropriate size of the hole, the foundation cage placed among them, the level of correction after using cement concrete casting based on fixed cage, 3 - 7 concrete fully solidified in the future, can install garden light. ( Note: courtyard lamp base casting need to embedded pipeline leads) 。
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