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Discuss LED street lights design and its key elements

by:SUNFREE     2020-07-10
In recent years, the development of lots of Led lights products in Taiwan has flourished, particularly in Taiwan as well as the mainland 2008, all are planning many L-E-D demonstration road projects, which offer a motive power for your continued connected with LED services market. In 2008, luminous efficiency was 45 lm/W, right at the end of 2009 Led street lights manufacturer has published luminous efficiency 80lm/W. Inspite of the quality of your products 80 lm/W luminescence efficiency, whether can pass the end of 2008 announcement CNS15233 standard specification requirements. Because timely support from governments' expansion of domestic demand, luminous efficiency for it street light products advanced in all walks of life, rise again into the L-E-D street lamp industry, making it significantly progress in energy research and development. We believe in the near future, LEDs street lamp luminous efficiency can progress absolutely replace existing traditional street light including high pressure sodium area rug. Of all LEDs lights products currently, can be roughly summarized as extruded aluminum heat sink processor, fin type radiator processor, and combined with heat pipe type heat sink processor, which based on the design of this heat sink processor. As well as the aluminum extrusion type thermal processor is mostly processor exposed appearance into lamps and lanterns. The key benefits of this method for the thermal processor is relatively low cost, especially the mold development costs tend to competitive. But in high wattage products research and development, must take notice of the weight. Because male gauge light pole in the anxiety of the bear may have certain limitations, and therefore in high wattage products, generally all is the utilization of fin type radiator, or adopt the clear way of application of warmth pipe in heat treatment plant construction. Besides heat processor development, another part in LED street light structure is power deliver. Because the general it lighting products for dc drive way, and Led street lights manufacturer end up being customized for each style Leds product. But according for the national product safety specification has differences, so we've got to adjust circuit, in order to adapt to the safety standards of product sales to globally. From our LED street light project experience, the phenomenon of the death of this LED street light lamp, most within the proportion, is caused together with unstable power supple. So the product stability of the power supply, also affect the LED street light for outdoor use, whether it may well maintain good droop control in several years.
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