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Five tips when purchasing solar street lights

by:SUNFREE     2021-04-06

With the increasing shortage of traditional energy sources, the use of solar energy has become more and more widespread. Therefore, solar street lamps have become the main product of the street lamp industry in rural areas. Nowadays, solar street lights have been popularized in most rural areas. However, due to the immature solar energy technology in the past few years, unscrupulous businesses in the market were rampant, and people had little knowledge about solar street lights, which led to the purchase of solar street lights often with poor quality and brightness. Shortcomings such as poor and short lighting time. Today, the solar street light factory teaches you these five skills in order to let you buy good quality solar street lights.

1. Judge whether the solar street light manufacturer has officially opened the video to open the entity scale, see whether the certificates (safe production license, product quality inspection certificate, public account, and product inspection report) are complete, look at online word-of-mouth, and look at the customer’s response And after-sales service policy, if you have the conditions, go to the site to investigate, this is a very direct way.

2. Check the wall thickness of the solar street light pole and whether it is hot-dip galvanized. No problem, it will affect the appearance for a long time. The wall thickness of conventional 5m 6m solar street light poles is 2.5. Now many manufacturers choose 2.3 but do not choose street light poles with a wall thickness less than 2.3. In areas with strong typhoons in summer, light poles may break. , Which greatly affects the safety of pedestrians in the past.

3. Look at the solar street lamp system voltage and configuration. The solar street lamp used for conventional road lighting should try to choose the 12V system voltage instead of the 3.2V system voltage. Although the 3.2V solar street lamp is cheap, it is not recommended to use it.

4. Look at the big brands of solar lithium battery cells, and the number of cycles of solar lithium battery cells will naturally last longer.

5. Look at the luminous efficiency and lumens of solar lamp chips of different brands of solar lamp chip brands. For example, the actual lumen of Taiwan Epistar is usually only 100LM/W, while Philips and Bridgelux chips can reach about 130LM/W.

The higher the number of lumens, the higher the brightness, so if you want better brightness, you must choose a big brand of solar lamp chip, and the big brand has a longer service life. Mastering these five skills will be very helpful to the purchase of solar street lights. Nowadays, the market environment is chaotic and low-quality products are rampant. I believe that buyers who have mastered these five skills can be regarded as experts in the solar street light industry.

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