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Garden light design and installation need to pay attention to what issues?

by:SUNFREE     2021-01-31
Garden light is generally installed in live in the village, park, school, or is the villa, and in the garden, garden light not only to offer a broad range of lighting function and beautification function. So garden light on appearance design must be beautiful, and should use the modelling of choice and surrounding environment. So, courtyard lamp design and installation should pay attention to what issues? 1, courtyard lamp design and installation, it is important to note that the grounding, garden light trunk lines of grounding line should be set up separately, and the main line along the courtyard layout form a ring net, at the time of design, need to pay attention to, wiring and grounding device leads to the main points of not less than 2. And the lamps and lanterns and grounding feeder is not can be connected in series, in order to avoid problems because individual lamps and lanterns, and cause other lamps and lanterns of grounding losing protection. 2, the lamps and lanterns of garden light box must have waterproof seal, and be sure to complete, pole lamp, lamp position must be correct, but solid and reliable, all of the fasteners must have a fuse protection. In addition garden light open automatically according to the brightness of the light closed, so garden light to have such a device. 3 a lot of modelling, in the market for garden light, style and the style is different, courtyard lamp installation, must take into account the installation environment, style and style should be suitable for installation environment, as well as garden light spacing also want to consider to be clear about, don't appear too dark or too bright. In a word, courtyard lamp design and installation should pay attention to the above things, give full play to the charm of garden light. Needing those who remind everybody is, courtyard lamp manufacturers, is the best option of the manufacturer, quality assured.
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