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High power LED light source blu-ray drive circuit design

by:SUNFREE     2020-07-07
Abstract: for you to gathering underwater target image information, reduce the cost of underwater imaging system, using the high density led strip rather than traditional blue laser do light source, combined with CCD imaging technology, adjust the beams of light to illuminate divergence Angle underwater target scene, will target all or target key characteristics of light parts, and to realize the underwater target, imaging. Based on the design of high power, LED iris4011 constitute the blue light constant pressure constant current driver circuit. Right behind circuit is stable and reliable control power rating in LED, through the underwater imaging experiments, acquisition to underwater target information, the experimental results show the field of narrow range tracking and receive target information, largely reduced to the scattering on imaging after the influence around the quality of, and boost the system for the signal-to-noise ratio and effective distance. Known as the 'green light' semiconductor 12v led light bars technology develops quickly, LED with low power consumption, long life, small size, green environmental protection, etc. High on the high strength blue LED of r&d produced several generations more and most high brightness of the device, in 1990 or so the launch of the silicon carbide materials produced from LuoPian LED efficiency is about 0.04 lm/w, intensity of light a few more than 15 MCD. The 1990 s in the first based on the practical gan Pre lit christmas. Now there are many companies in the basement with different (such as sapphire and silicon carbide) Production gan LED, these LED with green, blue or violet wait for the color of light. High brightness Lead to the invention of the blue screen as your realization of the horizontal advertising may. Device can show the full motion video, horizontal image. As technology advances, can now produce power as high as 100 W. Flux to 2 000 lm high-power high brightness LED the blue light. In order that it was a kind of has a wide The use of technology, preserving the earth . necessary to do the thorough research. Underwater imaging product is built-in into the blue sea green light (480 ~ 540nm) low loss window on the cornerstone of a sort of built underwater imaging system. It can't only use in normal water, and could be used in turbidity water, even from the dark see also take note of. This paper is mainly based on high-power blue LED underwater imaging system research. High power LED Blu-ray (& gb; 50 W) light source driving circuit is based on the power of the blue LED underwater imaging system research along with the analysis in the important additive. 1 process and circuit design For underwater imaging system is concerned, alternative of of the sunlight source is vital, and stability of sunshine source, uniformity and response speed and lightweight wavelength range is are capable of doing to the imaging set-up. The flexible led strip from the room after water medium-targets reflect-water medium-receive optical system, finally in imaging sensors (CCD, iced) imaging. This determines the LED must are employed fast driving mode pulse, currently along the market driving circuit is commonly in slow pulse butyl driven model (& mu; s Middleweight), far cannot meet our requirements. Therefore, we must solve quick pulse drive circuit this problem, especially to realize the scale of high power fast ns pulse to drive the high power Brought about. Based on the actual needs of the experiment, we studied and developed such quick pulse drive rounds. This circuit is ordinary function of producing low-frequency, rapid and high power drive current pulse signal, the output pulse frequency and cycle high precision, good stability, pulse signal in 20 to 100 ns wide within five points file could be adjusted and output of frequency 50 Hz benchmark of frequency. The pulse signal through the driver circuit, output a quick pulse signal driven output current switch, produces a tremendous current pulse signal driven by a high power Headed. In order to fulfill the design requirements and purpose, we use crystals produce high precision circuit frequency/cycle benchmark pulse signal source as a built-in, through several give some thought to benchmark pulse frequency, make the output pulse frequency required signal, which will obtain frequency stability in the pulse signal, and realize the frequency selection. After points since the frequency pulse signal again by pulse width forming circuit implementation pulse width adjustment, after current switch circuit, produce large current pulse, so that LED. This driving circuit is largely by the following parts: the signal frequency circuit, frequency, points choice, the pulse width circuit, TTL output drive circuit and latest switch enterprise. The block diagram showed as showed in figure 1.
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