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Hot dip galvanized light pole lifting and lifting light pole

by:SUNFREE     2021-02-14
The utility model by the overall hot dip galvanized lamp, controller, solar panels, batteries and cables, the controller plays a very important role in the solar system, the street lamp switch and charging has been effectively controlled. LED street lamp which is a kind of based on semiconductor PN junction formation with a weak electricity can glowing efficient solid-state light source, in certain positive bias voltage and the electrical flow injection, injection of holes and injection P N the electronic after spread to have source area by the radiative recombination and emit photons, convert electrical energy directly into light energy. LED lights factory it is a solid cold light source, green pollution-free, less power consumption, high photosynthetic efficiency, long life, therefore, LED lights will be a road lighting energy saving renovation of choice. Dc controller can guarantee the battery pack is not damaged due to overcharge or overdischarge, light control, time control, temperature compensation, lightning protection, prevent polarity protection, and other functions. LED lights factory it is a solid cold light source, green pollution-free, less power consumption, high photosynthetic efficiency, long life, therefore, LED lights will be a road lighting energy saving renovation of choice. Lamp working temperature is low, the LED light source belongs to cold light source, heat dissipation when prominent, LED light source working temperature falls below 60 ℃, lampshade will not result in a delay aging. Introduces the solar intelligent street lamp under the policy of high-end products and the main products, is the shandong flag navigation electrical main products. Single lamp is compensation for each lamp and the corresponding parallel compensation capacitor, can not only reduce the lighting circuit of power, and low lighting circuit can reduce the power loss and voltage loss. Under the condition of the elevator type high pole lights, maintenance is a complex work, but the lift high pole lights complex process determines the product always face after repair, and in the process of maintenance, high lamp manufacturers suggest that we should also require special maintenance personnel for the above services. Otherwise, the structure of the lifting type high pole lights parts once damaged, will produce very serious consequences, namely high pole lamps manufacturer for our packaging lifting type high pole lights maintenance content.
it is a professional manufacturer of outdoor landscape lighting. Products include: high lamp, lamp, road lighting, landscape lamp, garden light, solar lamp, LED and all kinds of form a complete set of street lamp lighting appliances. Among them, the light of the main pole and the lamp can choose according to need to stainless steel material, high quality steel or aluminum die casting. Over the years, with friends from all walks of life love and support, the company continue to grow stronger.
we believe in long-term service, adhering to the principle of sincere service, we never stop: expand the market, quality control, introducing talents. Mount a lighting with the years of service experience, to create the high quality products for clients, grasp the rhythm of the market development and technology innovation. Good art lighting hope that through their own efforts, pay sincerely, win the trust of customers, prove that we in the lighting industry in the development of ambition and sincerity. We understand the key to enterprise development, I believe your beliefs and actions and can transcend time and space.
the led street light controller, led street light controller, used to control charging solar panels, and lighting for led street light. Of course, there are many kinds of led street light, there are many configuration options. There is no way to give advice. “ Landscape solar & throughout; It sounds more like a solar brand, but here is the abbreviation of solar energy. 。 。 。 。 Village general lighting is a regular hours, or the whole night, at least support more than one consecutive rainy night lighting. Competition for light, a lot of pressure. Companies scale and market popularity does not say planning problem, but they all hope to be able to obtain a good development in the department store. It is also considered part of the light.

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