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How long is the solar panel life?

by:SUNFREE     2021-03-08

Solar panels are devices that directly or indirectly convert solar radiant energy into electrical energy through photoelectric or photochemical effects by absorbing sunlight. The main material of most solar panels is 'siliconAs a result, its widespread use has certain limitations. Compared with ordinary batteries and rechargeable batteries, solar batteries are more energy-saving and environmentally friendly green products.

How long is the life of solar panels? The lifespan of laminated glass laminated solar panels is 25 years, the lifespan of laminated PET solar panels is 5-8 years, and the lifespan of epoxy encapsulated solar panels is 2-3 year. At present, more than 95% of solar panels on the market are solar panels laminated and encapsulated with tempered glass.

The life of a photovoltaic module is determined by its power generation efficiency, and the degree of combination of the PN junction and the purity of the silicon wafer determine the strength of the solar panel to generate electricity under the same light irradiation. As time goes by, the PN junction Will continue to break, so the efficiency will continue to decline, 15 years later, the conversion efficiency will be more than 90%, 25 years later will drop to about 85%, so the life of photovoltaic components is basically more than 20 years.
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