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How many hours is appropriate for solar street lights to light up every day?

by:SUNFREE     2021-04-09

In the past few years, roads in many areas were not equipped with street lights. Every time it was dark, it was pitch black and people only had to stay at home and watch TV for entertainment. With the combination of solar energy technology and street lights, solar street lights have become the choice for installing street lights in the region.

Because of its convenient installation, green environmental protection and other characteristics, it has been vigorously promoted in construction. The installation of solar street lights in the area enriches people’s night activities, beautifies the environment, and forms a beautiful landscape.

So everybody knows that the solar street light is set to be on for a few hours a day? Next, the solar street light manufacturer will briefly introduce the rules of lighting time for you guys. There are three common schemes for the lighting time of solar street lights: 6 hours, 8 hours and 10 hours. Among them, the 6-hour lighting time is generally chosen by everyone. The price of this kind of solar street lamp is lower than that of other solar lamps with lighting time, and it can be used in areas with little demand for lighting.

Solar street lights that light up for 8 hours generally come with a morning light mode, which normally lights up for 6 hours at night, and lights up for 2 hours before dawn in the morning. This type of solar street light is a very cost-effective and practical one.

Finally is the solar street lamp that lights up for 10 hours. Usually, this kind of solar street lamp requires a higher configuration. The price of solar street lamps is very high compared to the other two. It is suitable for large lighting environment requirements and good sunshine coefficient Area used. These three lighting times, which lighting time is more appropriate? Solar street light manufacturers think that a solar street light that lights for 8 hours a day is more suitable because it has both cost-effectiveness and practicality.

Because people in most areas rest early at night, almost no pedestrians and vehicles pass by on the road at 12 o'clock at night, so the solar street lights can be extinguished until 12 o'clock. However, they generally get up early in the morning, and someone gets up to work before dawn. Setting the morning mode for 2 hours will help them travel more conveniently and facilitate their production activities. Therefore, the solar street light with the light for 8 hours and the morning light mode is more suitable for the area.

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