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How suitable is the power selection of solar street lights?

by:SUNFREE     2021-04-08

With the development of my country's construction work, LED street lights are no longer exclusive to cities, and many areas have also begun to plan and install energy-saving and environmentally-friendly LED street lights. However, many villagers who do not understand the basic knowledge of street lamps do not know how much LED street lamp power to choose. Today, solar street lamp manufacturers talk to everyone about how suitable LED street lamp power is to choose.

First of all, we have to understand the length of the LED street lamp lighting time. If the lighting time is relatively long, then it is not suitable to choose high-power LED street lights. Because the longer the lighting time, the more heat is dissipated inside the LED street light lamp cap, and the heat dissipation of the high-power LED street lamp cap is relatively large, and the lighting time is long, so the overall heat dissipation is very large, which will seriously affect The service life of LED street lights, so the lighting time must be considered when choosing the power of LED street lights.

1. To determine the height of the LED street light

Different street lamp pole heights match different LED street lamp power. Generally, the higher the height, the greater the power of the LED street light used. The normal height of the LED street light is between 5 meters and 8 meters, so the power of the optional LED street light head is 20W~90W.

2、Understand the width of the road

The width of the general road will affect the use height of the street light pole, and the height of the street light pole will definitely affect the power of the LED street light head. It is necessary to select the required illuminance for the calculation according to the actual width of the road lamp, instead of blindly choosing the LED street lamp with relatively large power.

For example, if the width of the road is relatively small, the power of the LED street light you choose is relatively large, then this will make pedestrians feel dazzling, so you must choose according to the width of the road.

The width of the road is generally between 4 meters and 8 meters. The manager of the street light manufacturer, Hang Manager, summed up the above three points, and can conclude that the height of the street light pole suitable for the area is 5 meters or 6 meters, and the power of the LED street light suitable for the road is 20W or 30W. , These two kinds of power are also used more in actual areas, so it is more appropriate to choose 20W~30W for LED street lamp power.

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