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How to distinguish inferior LED street lamps and lanterns

by:SUNFREE     2021-01-31
Now on the market of LED street lamp lighting quality good and bad are intermingled, the lamps and lanterns of same power price unexpectedly a few times, what is the price of water quality of big or worry, now I'm on the market price is very cheap LED street lamps and lanterns are analyzed, so that you can buy the high quality and low price of qualified lamps and lanterns, absolved the trouble back at home.
as the saying goes, a penny a points goods, the price is very cheap, the cost is not high, buy to peddle, cheap he can earn money again, losing money who also won't do. As a result, the lamps and lanterns to the lower the price, the quality is not guarantee. So what time to let you know the price low lamps and lanterns of the issue.
first of all, the light emitting chip is inferior products, reflect on the luminous efficiency, single chip luminous efficiency in 90 lm/W, the light efficiency is lower, generally under 80 lm/W, big brand light emitting chip is factory now at least more than 140 lm/W, this can't than, others say low efficiency does not matter to light went, little imagine of heat is produced, time grew, droop rapidly expand, in less than a year for two years, the basic need to be scrapped.
the second drive the selection of power supply, the same specifications of the power supply for the selection of accessories is different, the price disparity is too big, life will also vary widely. Price low power generally will start in two years' extensive damage, but the high quality power supply generally to 5 years warranty, 7, 8 years of service life and maintenance cost is reduced greatly.
once again, the design of the radiator and the material is also key, lamps and lanterns design scientific and reasonable heat dissipation, fast heat dissipation, light temperature rise for a long time haven't changed much, hand touch not hot, but blindly reduce the cost of poorly radiator lights for a while will be hot, can also affect the normal power of lamps and lanterns, more will accelerate the droop of lamps and lanterns.
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