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How to install the lithium battery LED lights

by:SUNFREE     2021-02-15
Lithium ion battery led lights have been developed for three to four years. LED street lamp which is a kind of based on semiconductor PN junction formation with a weak electricity can glowing efficient solid-state light source, in certain positive bias voltage and the electrical flow injection, injection of holes and injection P N the electronic after spread to have source area by the radiative recombination and emit photons, convert electrical energy directly into light energy. LED lights factory it is a solid cold light source, green pollution-free, less power consumption, high photosynthetic efficiency, long life, therefore, LED lights will be a road lighting energy saving renovation of choice. In recent years, the development of lithium ion battery led lights are installed on all roads in the region. LED lights factory it is a solid cold light source, green pollution-free, less power consumption, high photosynthetic efficiency, long life, therefore, LED lights will be a road lighting energy saving renovation of choice. Lithium battery led lights quickly occupy the market, has many advantages. LED lights is a trend of development, energy conservation and environmental protection is the development direction, so the lithium battery LED lights will spread. Our company specializing in the production of lithium battery led lights, all main components are independent production, let us on how to install the lithium battery led lights general question for you.
previous solar road used for colloidal battery power supply system, the development is different from traditional LED street lamp installation of lithium battery LED street lamps, and how to understand LithieLED street lamp lithium battery LED lights, you first need to understand and study the LED street lamp installation process.
in the first place, the installation of the colloid with lithium electric difference between different installation location. Traditional led lights put battery in the ground, and the water tank protection. Lithium-ion batteries are divided into two kinds of aluminum shell and plastic shells. Aluminum shell installed and fixed on the lower end of the solar panels, with iron hoop, can prevent stealing, reduce the damage of wire. Plastic shell is a platform, we welded in light pole of the sun on the shelf. This design reduces the manual installation and thoughtful anti-theft design costs, but also have shortcomings, if the configuration is small, sales after the installation is very troublesome. Now, our company USES the aluminum shell lithium-ion batteries, although the cost increases, but is more convenient to install and were also more likely to sell
second, installation considerations, lithium battery led street lamp installation is that we want to try on the lower end of the whole system and because if poling is completed, the wrong wiring, maintenance is very troublesome, Lithium battery connection is very simple, it has two output wires, a connecting solar panels, a light source) 。 We only need to connect the panels, charging to activate lithium batteries in a minute. Then the light will light up automatically, why is there such a difference, the difference between lithium control and normal control lithium can use solar panels to start, common controller startup must be battery) 。 。
I company production of lithium battery is not charging, before they go out to prevent flammable explosive occurred during transit. Lithium battery guide line of street lamp should pay attention to the rational allocation of solar panels and lithium batteries, and can't like gel battery guide line of street lamp configuration, in order to reduce after-sales maintenance. The good and bad are intermingled,
at present, the LED street lamp enterprise production of manufactured products lead to the LED street light after a year of quality assurance and after-sale does not reach the designated position, a year later the LED street light degradation. The road & other; Blind light black fire & throughout; Rampant. Lamps and lanterns of the township is located in China, we need more professional eye and thoughtful after-sales service to return customers. 20 years of experience in building, make its more exquisite technology, advanced equipment, guarantee the product quality. Contact the hotline

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