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How to prolong the service life of LED street lamp lithium battery

by:SUNFREE     2021-02-15
1, to prevent overcharge
the LED street lamp battery life and performance is closely related to the battery internal heat accumulation. LED street lamp which is a kind of based on semiconductor PN junction formation with a weak electricity can glowing efficient solid-state light source, in certain positive bias voltage and the electrical flow injection, injection of holes and injection P N the electronic after spread to have source area by the radiative recombination and emit photons, convert electrical energy directly into light energy. LED lights factory it is a solid cold light source, green pollution-free, less power consumption, high photosynthetic efficiency, long life, therefore, LED lights will be a road lighting energy saving renovation of choice. Battery internal heat source mainly comes from internal power losses on electrochemical reaction. LED lights factory it is a solid cold light source, green pollution-free, less power consumption, high photosynthetic efficiency, long life, therefore, LED lights will be a road lighting energy saving renovation of choice. We can simply look at the product of the charging voltage and current. The regeneration response in oxygen, float charging flow increase, produce more heat. In constant voltage charging and float charging flow increases with the rise of temperature and, to further raise the temperature. Thermal runaway is a special phenomenon caused by the structure of vrla battery. Thermal runaway often leads to cell dehydration, shell bulge and other serious harm, and seriously cause dead batteries. To prevent overcharge, provide charging voltage should be in strict accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Now can establish combination power and realize the intelligent management. First of all need to pay attention to is to set up correctly, followed by unauthorized personnel can not arbitrarily change.
2, prevent insufficient charge
charge is mainly caused by charging charging voltage is too low or too low. Or frame system.
3, to prevent the discharge design depth and battery charge and discharge cycle times ( Life) Are closely related. For example, when the discharge depth is 5%, cycles for 10000 times, when the discharge depth is 50%, cycle number only about 800 times. Excessive discharge will cause the battery will no longer be activated to good state, or even scrapped. Discharge time and termination voltage is different under different discharge rate, release the effective capacity is also different, and influenced by environmental temperature. Here is no longer listed and related curve drawing, and in different manufacturers specifications given in the battery. Maintenance personnel should be in strict accordance with the relevant data to monitor it, and do not get optional change. Now frame power supply manufacturers design with battery power function, that is to say, when the LED street lamp battery discharging termination voltage to the set, the battery discharge circuit will be monitored command automatically cut off. Some manufacturers have think monitoring units due to its operation ( Depends on its working power supply) Can't detect battery termination voltage, or when not issued orders, equipment can be forced to cut off the circuit. Therefore, the maintenance personnel should be paid attention to during inspection and check the reliability of the hardware circuit.

4, the control environment temperature rise in the temperature of the battery, the activity of the electrolyte increases, the battery internal resistance is reduced, the increase of floating charge flow causing corrosion and the service life of the lower conductive parts. Instead, reduced activity, electrolyte battery internal resistance increases, the battery discharge capacity decrease of load. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the temperature of led street lights, batteries and the environmental temperature control and maintenance. At the same time, must carry on the compensation of charging voltage, avoid high temperature overcharge and owe charge at low temperature. Most of the use of vrla battery place to control the environmental temperature 25 degrees or so. Accelerated life test showed that in the case of not adjust charging voltage, environment temperature 10 degrees, the service life of LED street lamp battery will be reduced by half.

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