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How to solve the problem of intelligent street lamp integration of a 'multipolar'

by:SUNFREE     2021-02-14
The street lights as one of a wide range of infrastructure in the city, under the wave of intelligent city construction, is now in the ascension of wisdom. LED street lamp which is a kind of based on semiconductor PN junction formation with a weak electricity can glowing efficient solid-state light source, in certain positive bias voltage and the electrical flow injection, injection of holes and injection P N the electronic after spread to have source area by the radiative recombination and emit photons, convert electrical energy directly into light energy. LED lights factory it is a solid cold light source, green pollution-free, less power consumption, high photosynthetic efficiency, long life, therefore, LED lights will be a road lighting energy saving renovation of choice. In the past couple of years, the new wisdom Ludengluxu appeared in Shanghai, shenzhen, chengdu, Qingdao, Harbin and other streets of the city. LED lights factory it is a solid cold light source, green pollution-free, less power consumption, high photosynthetic efficiency, long life, therefore, LED lights will be a road lighting energy saving renovation of choice. Wise ascension, they will take more than the city public lighting deep & other; Mission & throughout; ─ ─ in the smart city to collect information. Terminal and convenient service. Intelligent street lamp has become intelligent important entrance of city information collection. In addition to the lighting equipment, intelligent street lamp actually also is equipped with all kinds of sensors and sensor. Charging, led to the pile, for example, information distribution screen, high-definition cameras, emergency alarm, 5 g base stations equipped with network detection, parking lots, and environmental protection consciousness, manhole covers and water monitoring, network audio and video, etc. ; Using the Internet and Internet technology, street lamp has become a city intelligent terminal information collection terminal and convenient service.
street lamp intelligent upgrade is inevitable trend.
on the other hand, traditional street lamps mainly have the effect of urban public lighting, but the street lights actually has a natural geographic coordinates. Owing to coverage and distribution of wide, the geographic coordinates advantages also make it become the carrier of the public service terminal. Such as 5 g base stations, monitoring component, city broadcasting system and even charging connector etc.
on the other hand, in wisdom great development under the background of urban construction, urban public infrastructure widely to develop in the direction of informatization and networking, including intelligent street lamp, and iot manhole covers, electronic water meter, intelligent household products. And so on. These products have been applied in the pilot cities, the future is expected to be in the national wide use. And form a large city information acquisition terminal, help functional departments work according to the data, improve the quality and efficiency.
the concept of intelligent street lamp is based on its function. Many cities will intelligent street lamp project called & other; Multipolar fusion & throughout; , mainly from the city beautification, resource integration, such as energy conservation and environmental protection perspective. At present, many cities exist light pole, pole, Tower) , monitoring pole, traffic signs, billboards, infrastructure management, scattered, single function and so on. “ Multipolar integration & throughout; Has become a better way to solve this problem.
in shandong Qingdao, for example, public security, transportation, monitoring, detecting and so on more than eighty thousand lighting facilities, lamp posts, such as the similar lighting facilities, mobile communication base station one million three hundred thousand, power tower number more amazing. In order to solve this problem, proposed the rod integration mode, the administrative department to communication base station, street lamp, environmental monitoring, the public security video monitoring, LED advertising, charging pile, WiFi, and other functions integrated in a bar, effectively promote the intensive and efficient utilization of resources.
so & other; Multi-column integration & throughout; Can save how many additional resources for the city? The items we may be able to some cities have a roughly understanding.

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