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Intelligent Time Controller - Light Energy Saver

by:SUNFREE     2020-07-04
Can you name customer products which does not use lighting in modern huge? And how could you run a professional without lighting? The response is clear. But do skip over that power entry to lighting around planet is actually only 16% and simply because 84% of electricity consumption is wasted. Lighting wasted part is transferred into heat, sorts because of inefficient wasteful lighting resulting in your air-conditioning working harder and a long time. From that, your power bill is rising. Do you know these startling facts about lighting? Lighting consumes 19% of our planet's electricity generation. CO2 Emissions from lighting equals 70% of global emissions from driver. In most commercial buildings lighting accounts for 40% or more health of their electricity costs. We have an alternative to reduce light power consumption as well as to reduce CO2 Emissions by maintaining and improving comfort life level. Intelligent time controller can automatically adjust light's brightness according on the amount of sunlight emitting into the room in programmable working time. After adding it, you may help to 35% power usage in each four week period. As you enter through your office door at dawn your lights will automatically switch in order to full brightness but as natural light from the sun emits through the windows, we should be able to automatically, gradually dim the light fittings to maximize any natural sunlight while still maintaining a constant, perfect, working light standard. unmanned, accurate on-off operations, avoiding man's errors thus, saving power in factories, stockyards, ports, public lighting systems; Public lighting systems at regular timings as programmed to eliminate human attention & error; Ring bells at correct intervals in schools, colleges & factories. There is no limit to no. of street light control. It depends on the capacity of the control box. Normally a control box created to to control around 40pcs lights. With BJ-T series street lighting controller installed, operators have the actual to significantly reduce energy consumption, maintenance costs and environmental impact. The controller works effectively for many lamp types, from traditional HPS to LED. Light energy saving, intelligent time controller is preferred.
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