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Led Energy Saving Lights Industry Poised For New

by:SUNFREE     2020-07-03
The lighting industry is going through a wave of 'LED' market. On April 14, th China International lighting fair in Beijing, at this exhibition, LED seems so you can get become fresh stars. Consistent with the organizers of the exhibition statistics, LED businesses accounted for the total involving exhibitors for this exhibition 80%. This reporter learned that, energy-saving lighting industry as being a whole, subject to technological advance can be divided into ordinary fluorescent lamps, economical lamps, LED three major industries. 'With LED lighting, you are now able to do much better than traditional lighting saving 80%, that figure is likely to rise to 90% in the future, product price are usually lower minimizing as the rise in production. 'Vice President of Tianjin University of technology Faculty facts and communication, Chinese Institute of electronics senior member Niu Pingjuan, said. Due to low power consumption, and lighting of it technology costs is significantly decreased. According to media reports, to bring in street lamps, for example, General equipment regarding example cables and transformers of total procurement cost of 40%. Deputy General Manager of the Golden Valley optoelectronics Ruan Dahai accounts: suppose 20-30.1-meter street lamp, 10 km road 667 street lamps. When the cable attenuation, and significantly reduce the costs, final conversion equals every street lighting cable laying costs reduced by 2,700 currency. Was great saw the LED energy-saving emission reduction potential, my country continues to strengthen its policies of Directed. Recently, exposes the consent of the Ministry of science and technology 'ten cities' reply lighting works, Tianjin, Shanghai, Yangzhou 21 cities end up being carried out, such as semiconductor lighting application engineering (hereinafter known as as 'ten cities') pilot work. In accordance with vehicle of national revitalization plan, in 2009, the State will promote efficient lighting products 100 million, ordinary incandescent lamp production will reduce 15% than a year earlier, energy-saving lamps production grew 30%. Dongxing securities analyst at new energy He Jinxiao on the China's Sankei Shimbun reporter said: 'now that LED backlight, landscape lighting industry chain is almost perfect. Lighting as another area, the road lamp is the best entrance, select Street lamp being a breakthrough, should pull the complete industry. ' Industry experts point out that real market should cover of LED home lighting, landscape lighting and commercial lighting, industrial lighting, roads, and other areas, but LED metabolic process and decreased sales financial markets are public domain, and well-known for home lighting large areas where you're applying the least. 'Price is six or seven times times the energy-saving lamps, so now it's hard to be accepted by the general public. 'Lighting industry dealers, Shandong Lung-sheng, General manager of Zhou Pengbo told China's Sankei Shimbun reporter, reporters visiting Beijing ten mile River after lighting and other major markets also found out that the price of an ordinary incandescent lamp 3 Yuan, LED lights is immediately its twenty or thirty times; an energy-saving lamp price at more than 10 Yuan, LED lights are six or seven times. But 'in the LED industry you will find there's ' Moore ', LED light output brightness doubles every 18-24 months, and half the price will decline. 'Zhou Pengbo said. 'Supported by State subsidies, in accordance with the LED current development situation, personal, home users using LED lighting will peak in 2012 after years', He Jinxiao also noted.
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