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LED lights will not cause environmental pollution

by:SUNFREE     2021-02-02
We live most of the lights are LED street lamps, because different from traditional ordinary street lamp LED street lamps, LED lights and more efficient, more convenient, more than a normal street lamp is different from ordinary street lamp, LED street lamp's service life is longer, the most important thing is that it will not cause environmental pollution. LED street light along with the rapid growth of the national economy, the contradiction between supply and demand of energy in our country, start there is a serious shortage of electricity supply situation, saving energy that is an urgent need to solve the problem. Therefore, the development of new type of high efficiency, energy saving, long life, high color rendering index, environmental protection of the LED street lamp for city lighting energy saving is of great significance. Manufacturer of LED lights ED street lamp light is higher than high pressure sodium lamp many color, high pressure sodium lamp only around 23, color rendering index and the LED street light color rendering index above 75, think in terms of visual psychology, to achieve the same brightness, LED street light can, on average, more than 20% lower than the high-pressure sodium lamp. Around us there are a lot of lamps and lanterns, brings us more lighting, in the process of buying, we should learn more about it, for example, whatever the lamps and lanterns, the price is different. LED lights will be the best choice for energy saving transformation, its low power consumption, high luminous efficiency, long service life, the road lighting is the most important part of all the cities in our country, traditional street lamps. Some high street lamp is often used, and his biggest drawback is a waste of energy losses, we day and night deteriorating global environment, air pollution, some countries are developing our clean energy. A serious shortage of LED street lamp power supply, energy conservation is a global problem to be solved. Therefore, to develop a energy saving, long life, high color rendering index of new LED street lamp lighting energy saving is of great significance for the city. Road lighting is closely related to our life. With the speeding up of urbanization in our country, street lamp choose low power consumption, driving characteristics are relatively good, relatively fast response speed, high seismic performance, real life is longer than the other. We didn't use the advantages of green environmental protection. Different from the traditional street lamp LED street lamps, its light source USES low voltage dc power supply, with high efficiency, safety, energy saving, environmental protection, long service life, fast response, etc. Cover high temperature of 130 degrees to 45 degrees below zero. Its features light is one-way, not diffuse light to ensure the efficiency of the light, even the helium. There are unique secondary optical design, street lighting, lighting area is to further improve the efficiency of lighting, achieve the goal of energy saving. So a lot of people will choose this kind of LED lights, its price is relatively different, in the process of purchase, we should choose a suitable for their own.
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