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LED street lamp CQC certification application procedures and matters needing attention

by:SUNFREE     2021-03-13
LED street light manufacturers need to provide: enterprise application form, the application form contains the applicant, manufacturer and product information. Low maintenance cost of LED street lights: Compared with traditional street lights, the maintenance cost of LED street lights is extremely low. After comparison, all input costs can be recovered in less than 6 years. The LED street lamp has an automatic control energy-saving device, which can achieve the greatest possible reduction in power and energy saving under the condition of meeting the lighting requirements at different times. It can realize computer dimming, time period control, light control, temperature control, automatic inspection and other humanized functions. LED street lamp manufacturers LED street lamps are different from conventional street lamps in that the LED light source uses low-voltage DC power supply and is a high-efficiency white light synthesized by GaN-based power blue LED and yellow. The unique advantages of high color index can be widely used on roads. The outer cover can be made, the high temperature resistance can reach 135 degrees, and the low temperature resistance can reach -45 degrees. Each product should be applied separately. For the same model, different product manufacturers should also apply separately. The first stage: application acceptance After receiving a qualified application, CQC will send an acceptance notice to the applicant to notify the applicant to send or send related documents and materials. The application phase becomes 1. At the same time, CQC sends charges and notifications. The applicant provides information to CQC. After the applicant pays as needed, please fill in the payment voucher as needed. The second stage: data review In the data review stage, product certification engineers need to divide the application into units. After the unit is divided, if sample testing is required, the product certification engineer will send the sample delivery notice and the corresponding payment notice to the applicant, and notify the applicant to send the sample receiving notice to the corresponding testing agency. The third stage: The applicant should contact the designated inspection agency directly when the sample is received and the sample is delivered. After the applicant has paid, please fill out the payment voucher as required. The testing organization shall check and accept the incoming samples, fill in the sample acceptance report, and issue a sample rectification notice to the unqualified samples, and fill in the sample acceptance report after the rectification. After the sample is accepted, the testing organization fills in the sample test plan and reports it to CQC. After CQC receives the progress of the sample inspection and confirms that the applicant’s relevant expenses have been paid, it shall issue a formal acceptance notice to the applicant, issue an inspection task letter to the inspection agency, and officially start sampling inspection. Fourth stage: Sample testing During the sample testing process, the applicant should correct the unqualified situation according to the sample inspection rectification notice. After the sample test is completed, the testing organization will fill in the notice of the sample test result. The above is about the application procedures and precautions for LED street lamp manufacturers to apply for CQC qualification certification.
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