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LED Street Light Costs Industry Development in

by:SUNFREE     2020-06-30
LED canister light some other products have short response time, high brightness, super light, ultra-thin, low energy consumption, the advantage may be in 5-10 years to change the traditional lamps become mainstream lighting technology. International LED the trend from the development of the industry, in small size LED products, and on the cornerstone of large size to product development. At present, the continuing development of OLED display technology and industrial countries and regions of mainly in Asia, including South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and mainland China. China's LED industry despite late start, but development is rapid, at present already have a certain ability of research and development and industrialization, some areas have independent technology, at the same time, the Chinese government high attention LED industry development, in support of the departments concerned, LED technology research and development and industrialization made breakthrough movement. But, for LED industry for, to get better development, the government should plan as a whole, and make the relevant policy encouraged, at exactly the time, the experience abroad, solve its financing bottleneck, reduce the investment danger. The first proposal for relevant incentives, attract social capital, reduces the chance of investment. LED industry is a member of the strategic new industry, can make full use of already on the introduction of the relevant covers. Because of its huge investment, and to open up markets and ongoing technical improvements, and meet with exemplary role of early production line, give preferential tax policy. Advice produce the first production line 3-5 years of useful tax cuts and loan discount policy, reduces the risk of investment, mobilize social enthusiasm. The second suggestion timely strategic investment, financing bottleneck to resolve. Can through 2 way to solve the financing difficulties, a government led by money for demonstration investment, lessen risk of social capital expected; Approach is to encourage the state-owned investment holding company for strategic investment, on the cornerstone of test facilities in the formation of mass production line, and an international competition preemptive opportunities as early as possible. Taken together, the LED industry in China is developing, self-assured method more realistic. The third Suggestions related departments to overall arrangement, to development and testing of LED technology provide persistent concentration support. The relevant departments such as joint consultation through way, and LED the related research and development, test and industrialization projects overall planning and proper integration, according to industry estimates of the incubation periods, crucial to continue to support. And further improve industry alliance cooperation mechanics. The fourth Tips to strengthen verification and overall planning, and develop strategy. Suggest the experience abroad, led by relevant departments, set up by the scientific research institutions and enterprise and so on various aspects of experts advisory committee, study and establish overall development strategy and planning, formulate corresponding policy.
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