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LED street light installation steps and precautions

by:SUNFREE     2021-04-07

I believe everyone is no stranger to LED street lights on the road. It can be seen everywhere, and it is also one of many LED products. It inherits the advantages of LED energy saving, environmental protection and high brightness, and is favored by people. Manufacturers are vigorously used in today's road lighting construction projects. However, it must be installed in strict accordance with the steps and order, and some matters must be paid attention to in order to ensure the normal operation of the LED street light. Next, the rural solar street light manufacturers will briefly talk about the installation steps and precautions of LED street lights.

LED street light installation steps and matters needing attention

1. Select the installation location to select the appropriate installation location, which is convenient for laying a good foundation and installing street light poles. Be careful not to choose a damp place to prevent unstable street light poles.

2. Wiring (laying buried cables) According to engineering requirements, select the appropriate type of cable, lay the cable, and at the same time conduct insulation tests on the cables to ensure that the test values u200bu200bmeet the specifications, and wear the cables in waterproof nylon Tube.

3. Digging the hole according to the size of the embedded parts, dig a hole of suitable size for pouring.

4. Pouring Put the embedded parts in the pit and pour the cement. During the pouring process, attention should be paid to stabilizing the embedded parts to ensure that the embedded parts are straight.

5. After fixing the LED street light and waiting for the foundation to dry, fix the bottom flange of the assembled LED street light with the embedded parts, and tighten the screws. 6. Wiring Connect the wires in the street light pole with the laid cables, wrap the joints with tape, and prevent the joints from inside the street light pole. Finally, the following points need to be paid attention to during the installation process:

(1) The installation height (from the light source to the ground), the elevation angle, and the installation direction of the LED street lights in the same position should be consistent.

(2) The longitudinal centerline of the LED lamp installation should be consistent with the longitudinal centerline of the lamp arm. The horizontal line of the lamp should be parallel to the ground, and there should be no skew visually after tightening.

(3) The LED street lamp head should be adjusted to the correct position according to the design, and the wiring of the street lamp head should comply with the regulations.

(4) Check and tighten all kinds of nuts again. Washers and spring washers should be added.

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