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Led TV Backlight Needs Poor Plants Turn Red Led Lighting

by:SUNFREE     2020-06-30
Message the other day, with the plant aeration July LED TV backlight orders than expected, LED TV backlight Q2 heating demand expectations, early 2011 annual LEDTV backlight penetration difficult to achieve 50% optimistic expectations, Taiwan's major motion sensor LED security spotlights manufacturers invariably turned to Sprint LED lighting company. LED chip Crystal mixer plant said the May market boom LED TV motorcycle LED spotlights only short-lived, stemming from some poor LEDTV Terminal sales, some clients appear to delete the single status, as gloom over the delayed season again. Crystal says 2011 will focus on layout mr16 LED spot light market, the capacity under full load, orders will priority at lighting. Crystal lighting share this year at about 20% per cent, the point is 30%, backlight, although not just like as expected, but is still a substantial source of revenue, accounting for 50% per cent. Harvatek said current backlight demand may be to no avail, the market is predicted to be deferred to August, second-stage lighting products demand good, overall operation played a supporting role. East Bay estimate under indoor commercial lighting market is constantly on the grow, Q2 shipment revenues are to be able to exceed overall lighting company-wide revenues above 20% levels. Forepi started in April this year to change the strategy, layout LED lighting industry actively and aggressively fought the mainland market, has recently signed a contract with large groups of the General Assembly under WPI cooperation extended the mainland market, higher proportion of LED lighting supplements. Estimated percentage from Q1 to Q2 revenues quarter of 5% per cent higher to 20%,Q3 primary advantages of the continental market so that may be gradually emerge. LED TV into continents 2011 Armageddon points to LED the purchase amount will be doubled Continent LEDTV market needs entered outbreak period, continent TV industry who estimated, 2010 market scale will has 10 x times above of years growth, 2011 growth ranges also has 7~8 times, LEDTV will is 2011 continent local industry who and foreign international brand battle of key, continent electronic depending on the like industry association this led 8 large TV industry who to Taiwan, LED manufacturers called on became 2010 of focus, being a continent LEDTV city condition hot plus Taiwan LED technology quality up world level, 2011 continental Led to Taiwan purchase multiples will grow. Electronic video industry association President Lin Yuanfang, LED panels-different purchasing patterns, different may be required in accordance with coloring TV plant planning, supply is currently seeking LED towards stability and the promotion of Taiwan manufacturing base to mainland China LED factory 2 aspects. Electronic video Bai Weimin, Vice President of the industry sector association also pointed out that at this point Taiwan LED industry normally to the Mainland to packaging plant, but upstream Lei less Crystal factory, due to LEDTV backlight application will be the future trend, but LED high costs, continental internal supply can't keep on top of demand, every person hoped how the visit would promote Taiwan LED the factory to make factories in mainland. Hisense senior scientists Liu Weidong said, 2010 years Shang half continent TV sales than expected, is due to previously looks forward to too high, however market has brewing out buy gas, 11 certainly will than may day good, as Taiwan Qian 10 large grain and package industry tend to be had is Hisense of supply manufacturers, early has seeking million light, and Dombey, industry who supply LEDTV, however supply chain has not even sound, now Taiwan factory technology quality are reached has industry level, 2011 on Taiwan LED procurement volume will multiples growth, million light, and Dombey will be an important supplier.
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