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Liu Yong Zhaimao

by:SUNFREE     2020-06-28
Seen the TV series 'Prime Minister Humpbacked Liu,' We all know that Liu Yong is infinitely intelligent and very cunning showed an instinctive rapport Luo tricky pot pm. He dared the emperor Shengjia mildly detour 'on the anti-illegal idea!' Level officials of Zhu Chen can do strategies . him, 'taking the word of First Instance!' The indegent people he is sympathetic to their needs good governance! Rot of corrupt officials scoff at his best he could pry apart! We relish watching T . v! But who knows Liu Yung is the son of the palace the Queen Mother's dry! Because it's dry children Empress, Royal Cover Chitose! Manchao civil and military officials, Liu Yong, see the official level will be smart! Having said that, regardless of the other huge government level, as long as one to Liu Yong, said three thousand will have to jaw! This is the 'See the official big one' argument. All of it's a 'clever' word match! Really should do a little Erlang Temple Dengshikou Speaking ---- Liu Yong was a child, about teenage small. One day, wearing a straw hat to go out to play, path, East Side, the city lights. Position! Empress Palace to catch up driving down to your Erlang Temple incense. Empress eviction is magnificent! Water poured Street, loess mat way! Choi Fung Luen, drum line play music! Qi Luo canopy, Pumpkin ax! Deacon eunuch, Caie ladies! Large team people today came mighty impressive! Pedestrian street, stop, warn that the sale, the riff-raff coming to see the Queen Mother Miriam war phase, the small body short squeeze Liu Yong who were standing firm in the crowd back and forth! Empress team arrived in the small Miaomen Qian, a chance! A gust of wind suddenly sprung! Liu Yong left scratching his head a straw hat to scratch D-fly! Light wind swaying wheat straw, brought! Coincidence! Head right on Deacon ceremonial flagpole! Stop down the guards of honor, led the eunuch to see the pin, not to an angry heart! How did Kit Kat, a tattered straw hat blew into the top of the flagpole! Empress before it was 'lost instrument of criminal offence!' By law when the cut! Leading the crowd Mangwen eunuch: 'Who's straw hat? Which scared driving?' Just listen to the crowd shouted a child: 'My hat! For me!' Eunuch saw that it was a small youngster, two-step along with three steps Liu Yong grabbed the chest, arms waving round 'clap!' several ears! Children see stars playing straight, Touyunnaozhang! 'Wow!' Heard crying out noisy! This Henda properly tight, and before the eunuch say, first, that Liu Yong has been completely happy! Ma Guo tears back of the hand, grabbed the eunuch Zhao arm straight big mouth designed to bite down not easy! Just listen to the eunuch general feminist cry, and hastened to withdraw the arm leg to kick, block opened up on both sides of persons! Buyiburao children: 'What makes you hit me? My hat! Wah-wah!' Chaos for a time the crowd! Inextricably noisy! Queen Mother might have my heart today, happy happy incense eviction, this time is to play within Luan car fan, I heard shouting street crying, and ordered back to house people check out inquire about the report, said than a child cries, will feel curious! Edicts to the car before the asking. Palace people with Liu Yong on the car before the Queen Mother, numerous do not learn the depth of etiquette knees, staring at a pair of eyes look toward issues in view, the Queen Mother viewing across the bead, see one-third of child well-behaved there like! Queen Mother asked: 'How old are you? Father who?' Liu Yong Mama nose quickly replied: 'I am old, my father Liu Tongxun!' Empress Liu Tongxun heard, he asked: 'Which Liu Tongxun? Copy real road!' A: ' the imperial court of Liu Tongxun is! 'Empress Liu Tongxun a dynasty loyal, intelligent children have already heard that the family of God possibly be the heart love is! Zhimin determined to try his face, he fingers the flagpole smile: 'You is not challenging to straw hats, straw hats hanging flag, a flag are not allowed to put down, two non-frog ladder climb, you'll be able to remove the straw hat?' Liu Yong rise look at the flagpole, shaking his head I thought, on the implementation of flag waving eunuchs: 'You along with me!' people emerge of the spanning. Liu Yong executive cited a deep well before the flag went for the alley and said: 'Please put the pin into the dad!' Eunuchs into the garden soil only one high head, Liu Yong put a little hop to obtain the hands of a straw hat, smiling back button into the top of the head to the car before the Queen Mother said: 'Aunt! I have a straw hat back,' said the Queen Mother when they heard 'ma'am' will evoke a hearty laugh! Queen Mother is keen interest, misled his majesty is not unreasonable to blame, however the hearts of infinite praise! Sedan referred to as the children come for the touch NRK Liu Yung face on things it really affectionate! Even read the book ask the Liu Yong, Liu Yong replied: 'classics, various schools execute granted Daddy!' Empress love hold, immediately to the children who wear neck beads of beeswax, the street people stare, know that it is no price of your property, Liu Yung is rich plains! Evening, the Queen Mother is researching music Theater, Liu Tongxun swiftly Mati Xiu toss, bow before the Queen Mother lying your mouth, said Mary Grace! Block gave the Queen Mother, on the Commission Hoon said: 'Ai Jia bright talent to see your son, heaven full, to the quantity of radius, is the signs of Fu Gui, the future shall be great before! Must receive for the Ai Jia Yi Liu Yong Son, I do not know Aiqing promise or not? 'system Xun was taken aback! Get on the ground day to re-call Shane! Since then, the Queen Mother earned a decree, Yu Feng Liu Yung adopted son for the Empress, your 3200 years, with home loan houses system within the walk hoon! More within the Forbidden City, a ghost spirits from small Liu Yong Ling! As for that later connected with adult Liu Yong, full embrace of books, a court made 'nave', the convergence for the Emperor, your next play, and Shen, harmful for the three thousand, judges are very strict way, towards the Ting Baiguan voice could respect, is contribution underneath the Qianlong Shengshi Li but a rare talent minister of maintain! Have become could be an attractive leisure adventures later!
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