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Maintenance and maintenance of LED street lights after installation

by:SUNFREE     2021-03-29

As we all know, LED street lamps have developed rapidly in recent years and have a certain advantage in the street lamp market. The reason why LED street lights can be loved by thousands of people is not unreasonable. LED street lights have many advantages. They are efficient, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, long-lived and responsive. Therefore, many urban lighting projects have replaced traditional street lights with LED street lights, which saves time and effort.

If we want LED street lights to have a long service life, we must maintain them regularly. After installing LED street lights, how do we maintain them? Let's take a look together:

1. Periodically check the lamp holder of the LED street light. First of all, the lamp holder of the LED street light must be checked regularly to see if the lamp holder is damaged or whether the lamp beads have problems. Some LED street lights are usually not bright or the lights are very dim, most of the possibility is because the lamp beads are damaged. The lamp beads are connected in series, and then multiple strings of lamp beads are connected in parallel. If one lamp bead is broken, then that string of lamp beads cannot be used; if a whole string of lamp beads is broken, then All the lamp beads of this lamp holder cannot be used.

So we have to check the lamp beads frequently to see if the lamp beads are burnt out, or check whether the surface of the lamp holder is damaged.

2. Check the charge and discharge of the battery. Many LED street lights are equipped with batteries. In order to make the battery life longer, we must check them frequently. The main purpose is to check the discharge of the battery to see if the battery has normal charging and discharging conditions. Sometimes we also need to check the electrode or wiring of the LED street light for signs of corrosion. If there is any, we should deal with it as soon as possible to avoid bigger problems.

3. Check the body of the LED street light. The body of the LED street light is also a very important part. The lamp body must be inspected for serious damage or leakage. No matter what kind of situation occurs, it must be dealt with as soon as possible, especially the leakage phenomenon, which must be dealt with to avoid electric shock accidents.

4. Check the condition of the controller. The LED street light is exposed to wind and rain outdoors, so whenever there is a strong wind and heavy rain, we must check whether the LED street light controller is damaged or whether there is water ingress. There are a small number of such cases, but once they are discovered, they must be dealt with in time. Only regular inspections can ensure that the LED street lights can be used for a longer time.

5. Check whether the battery has water mixing. Finally, for LED street lights with batteries, you must always pay attention to the condition of the battery. For example, has the battery been stolen, or has water in the battery? Due to strong winds and heavy rains, LED street lights are not covered all year round, so frequent inspections can ensure the life of the battery.
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