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Precautions for checking solar LED street lights in winter

by:SUNFREE     2021-03-31

In the north, the temperature in winter is usually below 0 degrees. The charging and discharging system of solar LED street lights is affected by low temperature, and the charging and discharging capacity is greatly reduced, which will inevitably affect the lighting time of solar LED street lights. Therefore, it is particularly important that the daily inspection can find the problem and solve it in time. In winter, solar street lights should be inspected mainly for the following:

First of all, check whether the control system is working normally to ensure normal charging and discharging and to protect the battery from being powered.

Secondly, check the lighting time of the LED street lights. If the lighting time is greatly shortened, you need to check whether the battery working voltage is normal. If it is lower than the operating voltage, you need to charge the battery or replace it with mains.

Finally, check whether the battery panel is blocked by trees, etc., clean up the shade in time, and clean the street lamp head and battery panel with heavy dust to ensure the normal power generation of the battery panel. Achieving the above three points can basically ensure that the solar LED street light can survive the winter safely and light up normally.
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