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Problems of LED solar street lights in practical applications

by:SUNFREE     2021-04-02

The theoretical data of LED solar street lights is more prominent, but in actual use, we found that many characteristics of LED street lights are not as obvious as the nominal value. Although the theoretical data of LED solar street lights have met the needs of lighting standards. However, in the actual measurement process, especially for a moving vehicle, when driving at the road design speed, the driver has difficulty identifying obstacles 60-100 meters ahead, and LED street lights are difficult to meet the test requirements.

The color temperature of the LED street lamp is too high, and the color of the object illuminated by the LED light source is obviously distorted. The LED light is too pale and dazzling after being reflected by the cement road, making it difficult to adapt. Especially for the driver, it is easy to feel uncomfortable, and it cannot be compared with the existing high-pressure sodium light source.

The actual energy-saving effects of LED street lamps of different powers are quite different. Low-power LED lamps have better energy-saving effects, while high-power LED street lamps to have higher power than sodium pressure lamps, such as those with a power of about 250W and 400W, and there is no obvious energy-saving advantage. The color temperature of LED solar street lights is unstable, even if the color temperature of LED street light products produced in the same batch from the same solar street light factory has a certain deviation.

This will cause the color temperature staggered phenomenon on the road, which is easy to cause visual fatigue of the driver. LED lamps have a high degree of integration, which is different from traditional high-pressure sodium lamps with low technical content. Electrical components such as bulbs and rectifiers can be replaced directly after they are damaged. The technical content of the LED lamp is high, and the internal integration of the lamp is high. After damage, ordinary electricians cannot repair on the spot and need to replace the entire lamp, which is difficult and costly to repair. 

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