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Solar LED street lamp installation

by:SUNFREE     2021-01-31
First in the process of equipment do not pull too many wires to neatly, lamp base, make a concrete used in dig a embedded box beside the base pit, with galvanized bolt. Do not need to consume a lot of manpower, financial resources, equipment, concise, don't need wiring or stay well sealed. It is beneficial to engineering solar street lamps, protection costs are relatively low ( Premise is to buy qualified solar street lamps) , and there is no electricity. Compared with the traditional street lamp 5 years to save more than 100 electricity bills and protection. Solar LED street lamp can save expensive electricity grid street lamps, simple equipment process doesn't need to break the rutted road, also need to be replaced regularly carried out on the street lamps and lanterns to protect. Under the condition of the power grid is not stable, high pressure sodium lamp light source, particularly easy damage, and with fixed number of year to add, street lamp circuit aging, protect capital a rising tide lifts all boats.
and because the selection is low pressure solar street lamps light source, voltage stability, not easy to appear too high current and damage to the lamps and lanterns. Grid lamp safety factor is not high also, simple, safety accident and solar photoelectric switch to supply power, mine, an inexhaustible. No pollution, no noise, no radiation. Solar street lamps for village road branch supply according to the economical and environmental protection. Security risk free solar street lamps, energy saving, green environmental protection, simple equipment, solar lamps and lanterns is the use of the time also is longer than general electric, the using time of lamps and lanterns.
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