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Solar LED street light green for a long time

by:SUNFREE     2021-02-09
The valuable wealth that sunlight is endowed with human nature, can be said to be inexhaustible, inexhaustible. LED street lamp manufacturers of LED street lamp with conventional street lamps, the LED light source adopts low voltage dc power supply, by GaN power type synthetic efficiency white light, blue light leds and yellow is efficient, safe, energy-saving, environmental protection, long service life, fast response speed, high color rendering index of unique advantages, can be widely used in road. Housing available, resistance to high temperature of 135 degrees, low temperature resistant da 45 degrees. LED street lights maintenance costs low, compared with the traditional street light, LED street lights maintenance cost is extremely low, through the comparison, can recover all input costs less than 6 years. LED street light automatic control and energy saving device, can realize to meet the requirements of different times lighting cases, most likely to reduce the power, saves the electricity. Can realize the computer dimming, period and control, light control, temperature control, humanized functions such as automatic inspection. Compared with other energy, make full use of solar energy can save a lot of lighting, indirect lighting electricity consumption saving, reduce natural resources ( Such as coal, oil, etc. ) Consumption. Harmful gas emissions. The combination of solar energy and LED to improve the function of street lamp. Green lighting pipe can also be used for offices, houses, shops, hotels and so on the basement of the building or the natural lighting or assist illume of corridor, and can obtain good lighting effect. Use of solar energy is a kind of effective method. Human is only a can rely on its home, the earth, but now, the earth under the threat of various environmental disasters caused by human: water pollution, air pollution, energy crisis, garbage siege, land desertification and the ozone hole. 。 。 。 。 As the inhabitants of the earth, we should not only worry and complain, and action must be taken. To realize control resource consumption and environmental pollution of the environment is the root cause of environmental degradation, we would like to choose a kind of environmental protection way of life to treat the planet. Be gentle with the earth's life is everyone close to green living. Lighting, is need we all days, traditional way of lighting, consumes a lot of electricity. Solar LED street light green lighting lighting China's main power produced by burning fossil fuels, while get electricity discharge into the atmosphere of a large number of harmful gas such as carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, the gas is the important cause of global environmental problems. In January 1991, the epa first puts forward the implementation of 'green lighting' and promote the concept of 'green lighting project'. China's national economic and trade commission began in November 1993 China green lighting project, November 16, 1995 called eight units seminar 'China green lighting implementation plan', is one of the advocates natural lighting. Therefore, the natural lighting is an important aspect of green lighting. Solar lighting, not only low energy consumption, low carbon content, and more importantly, it can make our life more healthy. LED solar street light electronic radiator can be made of green lighting, natural lighting, visual contrast sensitivity is more than 5%, more than 20% or less of electric lighting. In the sunny sunshine, everything is so clear, direct transmission of natural light, full spectrum light system, frequency display, dazzling, make our environment more comfortable, reducing the fatigue caused by different kinds of diseases and lighting. In the future, solar energy will be put into use in various fields, not just the street lamp industry, so the green energy will be with us a long life.
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