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Solar street lamp time adjustment method and type

by:SUNFREE     2021-03-27

Solar street lights have begun to be widely used in construction. Before the solar street lights leave the factory, the computer usually sets a reasonable lighting time according to customer needs. The lighting and extinguishing times of the solar street lights are determined by the solar controller .

The solar controller is divided into manual adjustment and controller adjustment. Generally, the controller can be adjusted through external keys. However, most of the solar street lights on the market are equipped with remote controllers. Therefore, if you want to adjust the light-on time and the light-off time, you must equip a dedicated remote control. Solar street lights have automatic brightness and automatic light-off, generally speaking, it is not easy to directly control the lighting time of solar street lights. However, people in some rural areas want to adjust the light-on time and turn-off time by themselves due to some festivals, but they are unable to do so.

If you want to adjust it yourself, you need the remote control provided by the solar street light manufacturer, which can reset the parameters of the solar street light controller to achieve the purpose of controlling the time. Next, the solar street light factory will talk to everyone about the adjustment method and type of solar street light brightness and time.

The adjustment time of solar street lights also depends on the type of controller, which is generally divided into these two ways:

1. Light control Light control is to automatically adjust the light on and off time according to the intensity of the light. There is no need to set the time by ourselves or reset the time according to the season. It will automatically turn off during the day and turn on at night. However, the setting of the lighting time is not good, and the lights are often turned on all night, which is very inconsistent with the configuration of solar street lights, resulting in excessively high prices of solar street lights.

2. Time-controlled time-controlled adjustment is a commonly used adjustment method for solar street lights. It directly sets the light-on time and light-off time, but when the seasons change, you need to re-adjust the light-on and off time to avoid untimely lighting of solar street lights , Usually this method is more troublesome.

3. Time control + light control combination. The combination of time control and light control is currently the lighting adjustment method often used in led solar street lights. It can automatically turn on and off according to the intensity of light in different seasons, or adjust the lighting time of solar street lights, with a very reasonable and effective use of solar energy, which reduces the configuration and price of solar street lights.
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