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Some great benefits of Solar Street Light

by:SUNFREE     2020-06-23
Solar energy - strength of this century one of the major human.By 2030, the electricity production will mainly rely on solar green energy. Solar energy as a non-polluted environment, but additionally an inexhaustible supply of recent energy will be everyplace. Solar photovoltaic products is through the effect of light under the sun, into electricity process, is an use of high-tech development of new energy, mankind yearns for your 21st century, the quest for new sources. Solar lights and solar power generation systems and other products of the main innovations: 01 energy, which uses natural light, without use of energy, and inexhaustible not finish; 02 environmental protection, in line with environmental protection requirements, no pollution, no radiation, ecological protection; 03 security, the product does not use the AC, and also the use of batteries soak up solar energy, through the low-voltage direct current into light, is one of the most secure supply; 04 science and technology, the core product may be the intelligent controller device, set the self-control, time control switch device 24 hours a day according to your sky brightness and folks a number of environments need to automatically adjust the brightness; 05 long life, reduction installation easy maintenance. Transmit mail optoelectronic products, detected by the state and municipal departments and Cai Zuquan along with relevant experts, the product has reached international advanced level of comparable products. Advantages Solar lights As being Earth's resources become increasingly scarce, increasingly based on investment costs of energy rising, and a variety of safety and pollution problems can be described as ubiquitous. Solar energy as an 'inexhaustible' security, environmental protection and new energy sources more plus more attention. Thus, solar water heaters with solar lighting products came into being after the popular, solar street lights in here and make use of the city being a practical circuit the effect of light contrast. A comparison: Street lighting, installing of electricity complex: in the city, street lighting project has a fancy operating procedures, the first laying of cables, cable channel always be carried out here, excavation, laying of underground pipe, pipe threading, backfill and also other large infrastructure projects. Then the long associated with time installation and commissioning, if any of this lines in question, have got to rework large areas. Along with the requirements of complex terrain and line, the costly labor and supporting components. Easy to install solar lights: solar street lighting installation, without the laying associated with a complex line, just accomplish a cement base, and you may then use metal screws. Contrast II: Mains electricity lighting the high street: street lighting, electricity work includes fixed high tariffs for long-term continuous and other configurations threatened for maintenance or replacement, maintenance costs every entire year. Solar Road lamp-free electricity: solar street lamp is an one-time investment, no maintenance costs, investment costs recovered for three years, long-term benefit. Comparison three: Solar lighting, electricity has security risks: market power because of the construction quality of street lighting, landscape renovation project, materials aging, power supply not normal, water and electricity pipes and other aspects within the conflict brought a regarding security worries. No safety hazards of solar lights:solar lighting is super low-voltage products, as well as reliable running. Other advantages of solar lights: green for top ecological community in growth and promotion of digging in new selling point; sustainable reduction of property management costs reducing the associated with some of the owners of public downloading and sharing. Described in the foregoing comparison, solar street safety without problems, no energy consumption, environmental protection, ease of installation, maintenance-free features for automatic control, for generally of real estate, municipal construction projects can use directly to make significant favorable aspects. Solar street light consists from the following components: solar cells, batteries, solar street lighting special controller, light and lamp. Can be an automatic control system of work, simply set the operating mode with the system will automatically their job. Solar street lamp is ideal road lighting, along your improvement of people's lives and society continues to develop, it's going to widely used, so how the bright sun, the earth has given to mankind in the night lighting. Principles of power Solar power system consists of solar batteries, solar controller, battery (group). If the output power AC 220V or 110V, also need to configure inverter. The role of each part as follows: (A) of solar panels: solar panel solar power system is often a core part of the solar product is part in the highest importance. Its role is to convert the sun's radiation to electrical energy, stored in batteries or sent to, or promote the work. Solar panels will directly determine good quality of and cost of quality and cost of the system; (B) Solar Controller: Solar controller's role is to regulate the entire system state, and played a battery charge protection, over discharge protection. Typically the large temperature difference, the controller needs to have qualified temperature compensation function. Other additional features such as light-control switch, control switch when the controller ought to optional; (C) Battery: lead-acid batteries generally, small micro-systems, doubles nickel metal hydride batteries, nickel cadmium batteries or lithium battery pack. Its role is when it comes with light emitted by power stored up, and then released when needed; (D) inverter: In many occasions, has to provide 220VAC, 110VAC AC power source. As a direct output of solar energy are generally 12VDC, 24VDC, 48VDC. In an effort to provide the 220VAC electrical power, energy system does need to be issued with DC energy into AC power, so need cord less mouse with the DC-AC inverter. In some cases, use a variety of voltage, load, also used DC-DC inverter, such as the electrical energy will be converted to 5VDC 24VDC of power (note, truly a simple step-down)
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