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The Chengdu Made Led Lamp Light up The Subway Line One

by:SUNFREE     2020-06-22
In 2006, chengdu high-tech enterprise sichuan SONY light source Co., LTD received a paper summons: a Japanese multinational companies to infringe the patents for, the light source to SONY for 500000 yuan RMB, saving the production and sales of rare-earth luminescence materials and products. The other party said patents, is LED industry core technology 'luminous sex fluorescence body'. The intellectual property resistance, continued until 2008. On oct 20,, after a 31 months by the, the multinational companies in a great deal of truth in front, withdrew the suit to SONY light source, the high and new materials regions of international intellectual property rights 'ZuJiZhan', involved with the domestic high-tech material field globe international intellectual property rights lawsuit for that first in time the case of triumph. Own core technology 'The chengdu made' LED lamp illuminate the subway line one If not mention, why not a lot of citizens is unknown, high-tech zone inside of the city (west), east street, and even is to be in this season of the opening of the subway, lit at night, to illuminate the subway tunnel road LED street light, lighting, depending throughout the guide, even light night card system, are from let's own core technology 'chengdu is built', which sne light source, also become the our city promote national 'ten city all lamp' pilot city construction technology carrier assist. May 26, west end of high new road no. 2, SONY associated with light on the production line and has been in full load operation, this day, SONY source of light is released several belonging to the independent research and expansion of core technology of services. But this time, with a production line of adjacent for the semiconductor lighting engineering technology research center, several new patent technology, is very small. 'Will be opening the no.1 subway line, the subway tunnel and subway along of LED lighting, LED advertising light box, the sight, the indicator system of light lamps and lanterns, all of their own core technology from chengdu products.' Say this words, when SONY director, executive vice President of light source ZhangLi a face of pride, 'although in the Olympic Games and planet expo for including several major project LED lighting engineering and technology promotion, but this thing for us in chengdu, the start the enterprise, it individual.' According to information, LED light box and LED tunnel light application, SONY light source is created record 'world's first', the subway station hall and rail line area massive application LED all advertising light box, the original design of your energy saving lamp box than traditional beyond what 55%. Rail line area lighting first applied waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, LED lighting tunnel, 'the LED by advertising lamp and rail line area is three tunnel light, light source is SONY for chengdu subway custom-made2 than in the beginning design, use more than 37% economical lamps, life for 35000 hours, is the original kind of products six times perhaps more.' 'The realization of LED lighting, from general illumination to digital lighting, and the industry competition, jumped to finally, right in two fields: to chip and phosphor.' ZhangLi admits that, for now, SONY has LED lighting source in the videos . technology area, 'horse race circle' to holding 100 many patent, patent of more than 20 research, international patent has amounted to eight, 'for high and new technology enterprise is concerned, the videos . competitive ability, we is our r&d and expertise.' And complete the accumulation, SONY light source for nearly ten years. Enter the 'low carbon' era, the LED illumination than general illumination electricity saving more why? ZhangLi analysis, the LED lights are entirely transformed into electricity often be visible light, and for now, SONY light source has achieved products than general illumination energy conservation and consumption reduction index down by 50%-60% of the index, with the same time, as well as to lighting lamps and lanterns increase life outside, substantially reduce the carbon dioxide, such as sulfur dioxide emissions of pollutants. 'Last year is we, through long technology research and development, will accelerate results after accumulation of market promotion a crucial year, businesses contract volume has reached 250 million yuan, has completed into your market amounted to 130 million yuan, website rate of 200% or more.' ZhangLi told reporters, according to promote progress, in 2011, the number is in order to reach 350 million yuan-400 million yuan scale. At the same time, SONY source of light of the macbook has an of a purchase in dujiangyan the largest luminescence materials production base, is in intensive research and development, will 'SONY made' rare earth phosphor used in LED display, to break for dedicated of foreign industry technology monopoly, 'once this input in technology industrialization application, we tend to be the technology from lighting area extends to large, medium, small size, the LED display field for consumer electronic information industry, as well as be a big step.' Established industry alliance LED industry from the 'outshine others' to 'spring brightness' In the Beijing Olympics venues, 'chengdu made' LED lighting light 21 venues guide with regards to the direction of the facilities, in Shanghai international horticultural expo garden, 'chengdu made' LED lighting smoking the night sky 'international feast'; In chengdu high-tech zone (west) article 13 new roads, the full implementation among the pilot project in LED lighting, but more than 1200 lamp that LED lamp will illumine the people home project of the road, the project also became the western associated with LED lighting at present the most massive demonstration engineering & hellip; of. Last December 1,, has a lengthy of 'the chengdu semiconductor lighting industry technology innovation coalition' was established in rong. That the first semiconductor lighting industry industry learn alliance. 'Last may, the our city become countries' ten city all semiconductor engineering pilot light 'cities, to the industry layout analysis, because SONY light source and amount of growth-oriented innovation enterprise, our city in semiconductor lighting industry have the marketplace innovation technology support.' Yesterday, secretary for the LiuXiaoLiu analysis, with chengdu low carbon cities construction, energy conservation and emission reduction, much attention and realize greatest energy conservation and emission reductions, in addition to the energy saving of the public good habits, rely scientific and technological innovation, roll out competitive economical products, important. LiuXiaoLiu told reporters, established industry technology innovation coalition, is regarding through federal government guidance, will this industry, the article scientific research institutions parties 'BaoTuan', thus do upstream and downstream integration, benefits of each development cooperation, the rise of an industry, from 'outshine others' to 'spring brightness'. Had six months
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