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The design requirements of LED street light

by:SUNFREE     2021-02-06
LED street lamp design standard is 'LED street lamp design standard and LED lighting industry'. LED street lamp manufacturers of LED street lamp with conventional street lamps, the LED light source adopts low voltage dc power supply, by GaN power type synthetic efficiency white light, blue light leds and yellow is efficient, safe, energy-saving, environmental protection, long service life, fast response speed, high color rendering index of unique advantages, can be widely used in road. Housing available, resistance to high temperature of 135 degrees, low temperature resistant da 45 degrees. LED street lights maintenance costs low, compared with the traditional street light, LED street lights maintenance cost is extremely low, through the comparison, can recover all input costs less than 6 years. LED street light automatic control and energy saving device, can realize to meet the requirements of different times lighting cases, most likely to reduce the power, saves the electricity. Can realize the computer dimming, period and control, light control, temperature control, humanized functions such as automatic inspection. In order to ensure the urban road lighting for drivers and pedestrians to create a good visual environment, guarantee the traffic safety, improve traffic efficiency, convenient people's life and prevent criminal activity, beautify the urban environment, these standards are formulated. 1. Used for lighting of the LED street lamp is the most important characteristics of the function of the directional light, because almost are equipped with a power LED reflector, and the efficiency of the reflector efficiency significantly higher than that of light reflector. In addition, since the efficiency of the reflector has been included in the LED efficiency of detection. Use LED road lamps and lanterns should be as far as possible using the LED light beam transmission characteristics, lamps and lanterns of each LED directly to the light guide on the road to lighting the road of each area, and then use the auxiliary light distribution. Reflector lamps and lanterns, the realization of street lamp is very reasonable light distribution. It should be said that street lamp should satisfy CJJ452006 and CIE31 and CIE115 standard lighting and lighting uniformity requirements. Three kinds of light distribution in light of function should be better. With reflector and reasonable output light beam Angle of the primary light distribution of LED with good function. In the illuminator, through according to the height and the width of the road of the design of each LED installation position and the direction of the light is emitted, can achieve good secondary light distribution function. This kind of lamps and lanterns of the reflector used only as a auxiliary light distribution, three times in order to ensure better road lighting uniformity. In the design of the road lighting lamps and lanterns, in setting up under the premise of the basic direction of the LED, can be the LED on the lamps and lanterns of spherical universal joint. When the lamps and lanterns in different height and width of illumination, can be adjusted by the spherical universal joint to satisfy each LED lighting direction. Fruit. In determining the output power and beam Angle of each LED, according to e ( lx) =我( cd) / d ( m) 2 ( Inverse square law of light intensity and illumination distance) Can be calculated separately in each LED output light beam Angle of the basic choice should have the power, and power of each LED. Adjustable, the LED driver circuit output is different. The power supply is used for each LED light output reaches expected value. The adjusting device is the use of LED light source that is unique to the street lamp. Make full use of these characteristics, on the premise of meet the road lighting uniformity, achieve the goal of lower lighting power density and energy saving. 2. The power of the LED street lamp system is different from the traditional light source. Special LED constant current drive power is the foundation of ensure the normal operation of the LED. Simple switch power supply scheme tends to cause the damage of the LED device. How to make a set of LED and tightly compressed together, research on an indicator of the LED street lamp. The requirements of the LED driver circuit is to ensure that the constant current output characteristics, because the LED forward the relative changes of voltage when the work is very small, so the LED constant current drive basically ensures the constant power output of the LED.
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