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The price of solar LED street lights blindly choose the cheapest, okay?

by:SUNFREE     2021-03-12
In the early stage of street lamp procurement, many customers will ask how much solar street lamps are, whether you are a street lamp manufacturer, such as these questions, customers do not understand the production process of LED street lamps, nor do they understand the structure and principle of street lamps, just choose Solar LED street lights are low-priced products. Of course, some customers have to purchase cheap LED street lights because they won the bids at low prices. However, this behavior is undesirable. This will only cause a lot of unnecessary trouble for the maintenance of street lights in the future, including the after-sales service of the manufacturer, and there is no corresponding profit. How can there be high-quality after-sales service?
The reason for the low price of solar LED street lights is probably the use of inferior methods such as cutting corners to reduce product costs. How can such LED lamps be used in the later period without problems? How can the maintenance cost be low in the later period, and safety can not be guaranteed, which may eventually lead to customers repurchasing. This is tantamount to wasting financial resources, material resources, and manpower.
Therefore, when choosing a suitable price for LED solar street lights, we must choose LED solar street light manufacturers that have passed the qualification certification and product quality system certification. You can also inspect the manufacturer's strength on the spot, check the welding and polishing of the goods, so that you can find a good manufacturer and buy a reliable solar LED street light!
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