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Use LED street lamp principle of work, the note

by:SUNFREE     2021-02-03
What is the working principle of LED street light? What are we should know about the use of LED lights? Below, we will be the LED street lamp principle of work and matters needing attention and introduce related instructions. LED street lights maintenance costs low, compared with the traditional street light, LED street lights maintenance cost is extremely low, through the comparison, can recover all input costs less than 6 years. LED street light automatic control and energy saving device, can realize to meet the requirements of different times lighting cases, most likely to reduce the power, saves the electricity. Can realize the computer dimming, period and control, light control, temperature control, humanized functions such as automatic inspection. LED street light along with the rapid growth of the national economy, the contradiction between supply and demand of energy in our country, start there is a serious shortage of electricity supply situation, saving energy that is an urgent need to solve the problem. Therefore, the development of new type of high efficiency, energy saving, long life, high color rendering index, environmental protection of the LED street lamp for city lighting energy saving is of great significance. First of all, let us know about the LED street lamp principle of work. LED lights are based on the solar cell light born v effect principle. Absorb solar energy during the day, the solar battery photons can generate electricity, is stored in the battery by the controller. When the night falls or street lamp brightness around low to a certain value, the controller will have its own discharge operation, open the lamp lighting. Therefore, when choosing and buying the LED street lamp, different regions must pay special attention to the design of the system thought and the key point is in line with the local actual situation, not only in the pursuit of low prices to save investment, at the same time and can not blindly pursue high performance and resource waste. Note 1 LED street lamp use. LED street lamp device should always be installed in a sunny day. If the installation in the rainy day, only consume electricity, lighting is not charging, after do not conform to the requirements of the description. Should not be lit LED street lamp device completion day. 2. The Angle of the LED street lamp panel, usually with a 45 degree Angle to paint manufacturers, such ability in packaging tube winter has a good charge. 3. LED street lamp controller connection. Should use waterproof controller as far as possible, in order to ensure long-term stability to keep together, and it can prevent users to change the illumination time. If you use the waterproof controller, the wire bent u-shaped, junction box down, it can prevent the water from the line into the controller.
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