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What are the color temperatures of LED floodlights?

by:SUNFREE     2021-03-10

Use bai absolute temperature K to mark du. Generally speaking, zhi6800K is white light and blueish, and color temperature is an indicator of Zhuan to measure the color of white light. 2700K is warm reddish light. The 5600K4700K color in the middle is somewhere in between.

In fact, it is very light, the same as ordinary LED lighting products, the color temperature of LED flood lights. Under normal circumstances, it is divided into warm white 2700-3200K, neutral white 4000-4500K and cool white (some called normal white) 6000-6500K.

The heating of a standard black body is expressed in absolute temperature K. When the temperature rises to a certain level, the color starts to change from dark red-light red-orange-yellow-white-blue, and gradually changes. When a light source is the same color as a black body, the absolute temperature of the black body at that time is called the color temperature of the light source.

Description The color temperature of the light emitted by the LED is a measurement method. And this information can be quantified on the LED data sheet. The specific LED color temperature will be specified in a certain range, and a dedicated instrument can be measured, and the unit is T.

There are cases such as reddish or bluish. Different color temperatures show different colors. Simply put the color displayed by the LED (take white as an example. It also displays pure white.

Anything that emits heat has a color temperature. The English word for color temperature is the temperature of the color. LED floodlights actually use temperature as a contrast. For example, if the temperature is high, it is a warm color like a fire, which is like a low temperature. Blue as ice is a cool color, but the value of the color temperature is opposite to that of cold and warm. The lower the color temperature, the yellower the color becomes warmer. The higher the color temperature, the bluer the color becomes colder.
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