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What are the inherent advantages of LED street lights?

by:SUNFREE     2021-03-28

LED has inherent advantages when applied to street lamps, and its advantages include:

1. Using LED as a point light source, if the design is reasonable, it can directly solve the problem that traditional spherical light sources must rely on light emission to solve the problem of secondary light extraction and light loss

2. The uniformity of the light irradiated surface is controllable, theoretically it is completely uniform in the target area, and it can also avoid the light waste of traditional light sources under the phenomenon of 'illuminated under the lamp'

3. The color temperature is optional, so in different occasions, it is also an important way to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

4. There is still a lot of room for technological progress

5. The optical rationality of LED street lights. The light distribution of LEDs is different from traditional lighting. It has the characteristics of point light source, high brightness, and narrow beam output. To manufacture LED street lights, we must first consider making full use of the limited luminous flux to the effective lighting range. Street lights need road lighting effects, and the open space outside the road is not the effective range of street lights.

Therefore, for designers of new LEDs, it is right to effectively control the distribution range of light so that the light emitted by the luminous tube becomes a long strip of light spreading along the road surface, while taking into account the generation of glare. The designers of the new LED lamps put forward higher requirements.

6. Comparison of the main technical performance indicators of current LED street lights

7. Calculation of energy-saving indicators (calculated by 12 hours per day): annual energy saving u003d 365 * 12 * (0.5-0.16) u003d 1489.2 annual electricity saving u003d 1489.2 * 0.8 u003d 1191.36 yuan after the transformation of LED street lights, each lamp per year Can save 1191.36 yuan in electricity bills

If the entire road surface adopts LED street lights, it will save a lot of electricity for the country every year, and save a lot of money in terms of economic benefits.
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