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What are the types of LED street lights?

by:SUNFREE     2021-03-29

Street lights are widely used in various places that need lighting. It changed from a metal halide lamp to an LED street lamp. How much do you know about this? Let us look at the types and classifications of street lights.

1. According to the height of the street lamp: high pole lamp, middle pole lamp, street lamp, garden lamp, lawn lamp, underground lamp

2. According to the material of the street light pole: hot-dip galvanized iron street lamp, hot-dip galvanized steel street lamp and stainless steel street lamp

3. Light source by street: sodium lamp street lamp, LED street lamp, energy-saving street lamp, Suomingxin xenon street lamp

4. Divided by shape: Chinese lights, landscape lights, single-arm street lights, double-arm street lights

5. According to the power supply mode: urban circuit lights, solar street lights, wind and solar hybrid street lights
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