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What is the difference between ed floodlights and floodlights?

by:SUNFREE     2021-03-10

People's aesthetics are constantly changing, and it can be seen from the bits and pieces in life, especially in the use of lights, Bai's pursuit of beauty is constantly increasing. Led floodlights and floodlights are frequently used lamps. What is the difference between led floodlights and floodlights? In terms of beam irradiation, the degree of concentrated projection of the two is not the same, led floodlights The lighting range should be wider. You can take a look at the introduction below, so that you can get more understanding.

In life, friends' ability to use light is constantly improving. After continuous development, more lighting products have been produced. LED floodlights and floodlights are commonly used by friends, especially the angle of projection There is a certain difference in the aspect, the floodlight can meet the illumination range between 10-140 degrees, and the floodlight can get the illumination range of 300 degrees, especially on the top of the building can achieve better lighting effects, led floodlight The specific difference between lamps and floodlights can be divided into points to help friends make introductions.

What is the difference between led flood light and flood light?

1. The characteristic of floodlight is to irradiate evenly from a fixed point to the surrounding direction. It can be placed in different positions by friends when it is placed. For example, it can be placed inside an object, especially in long-distance scenes, the frequency of use of floodlights is higher, and the irradiation range of the lamp can also be comprehensively predicted, while the distance of the floodlight is not Good to predict.

2. The main principle of the floodlight is to control by the built-in chip, most of which are used in some small engineering occasions, which can quickly meet the effects of color change and jump, and most of them are in some entertainment The place plays a role in enhancing the atmosphere, and most of the floodlights are used in the project.

3. There is a very big difference in the engineering quality of led floodlights and floodlights. Although the quality of both is no problem, led floodlights are relatively more energy-saving. And the brightness of the lighting is relatively higher. When the floodlight is in use, the requirements for the environment are relatively high, and the reflection of the illumination angle is required to make the effect more ideal. Floodlights are generally not recommended to use too much, too much use is likely to cause a sense of visual lack.

What is the difference between led flood light and flood light? Friends can understand here, there are many differences between the two, led flood light can achieve the effect of quickly illuminating the entire scene, while flood light The light has a certain directivity in terms of illumination, and the price of led floodlights is more expensive than that of floodlights.
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