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What's the difference between a solar street lamps and conventional lamps

by:SUNFREE     2021-02-01
Solar street lamps and the traditional street lamps are in our life are more commonly used, but the solar street light is slowly replacing traditional street lamp. Because some people for solar street lamps and the traditional street light is not very understanding, so small make up today is to introduce the, performance comparison between the traditional solar street lamps and street lamps.

  1. Comparison of traditional solar street lamps and street lamps life:
solar energy lamp is much higher than the life of a common electric light. For example, is a major component of solar lighting hardware components - The life of the solar module is 25 years; The average life span for the low pressure sodium lamp is 18000 hours; Low efficient tricolor energy-saving lamps with average life expectancy of 6000 hours; Super bright LED the life expectancy of more than 50000 hours; The life of the solar battery 2 - lower than 38 ah 5 years old; 3 - 38-7 years old 150AH。 According to the regulation of local community logistics office, & other; According to the pure residential construction area of one-time residential street lamp cost of maintenance & 6 yuan/m2 throughout; , common lamps and lanterns of the initial investment is far higher than the initial investment solar lamp. In a word, comprehensive comparison the characteristics of the solar lamps to save investment are quite obvious.
 2. Solar street light compared with the traditional street light environment:
because of the 12 - Low voltage 24 v, solar street lamp voltage is stable, reliable operation, no hidden dangers. It is an ideal product to ecological community and road management department. The traditional street lamp has a great potential safety hazard. In changing people's living environment. Road, landscape construction, power supply, water gas pipeline crossing construction bring a lot of hidden dangers.
  3. Solar street lamps and the comparison of traditional street lamp:

solar street light investment and long-term benefit at a time. Because of its simple circuit, no maintenance costs, also won't produce expensive electricity bills. The cost will be in 6 - 7 years back, electricity and maintenance cost will be 3 - in the future Four years to save more than 1 million. Traditional street lamps with high electricity and complex lines, require long-term continuous maintenance lines. In the case of special voltage instability, sodium lamp is easy to inevitable, with the increase of age, aging line and maintenance costs increased year by year.
 4. Solar street light, when compared with the traditional street lamp installation:
when installing solar street light, without setting a complex circuit. Only do a cement base, and make a battery pit within 1 meter. Use galvanized bolt. The traditional street lamp construction exist in the complicated operating procedure. First of all, it is necessary to provide a large number of civil structures, such as cable, trenching tube, pipe threading, backfilling, etc. , all of these need a lot of manpower, material and financial resources. Finally, you need to debug, if there is a problem, it is very expensive.

the above is about solar street light and performance comparison of traditional street lamps. After all, solar street light is a new high-tech products. They are made up of high quality LED lights, solar panels, batteries and other high-tech accessories. Therefore, the cost of installing solar street light price is usually not cost-effective. However, many people don't realize the effect of energy saving solar street lamps. It is because of the advantages of solar street lights can save energy, for the solar street lamps to save a large amount of cost.
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