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Why are solar panels so expensive?

by:SUNFREE     2021-03-07

1. The price of solar cells is relatively high. However, the decline in recent years has been very long. Especially the domestically produced tablets are much cheaper than imported ones. The polycrystalline third-line 156*156 basically reaches about 7.5 yuan per piece. Single crystal only needs about 9.5 pieces.

2. The processing technology of solar panels is complicated and the loss is large. Especially the small size battery board. The loss will be greater.

Solar panels (modules) are roughly divided into three categories: glass laminated components, PCB/PET laminated components, and epoxy components. The production process is complicated. Take glass laminated as an example: 1. Slicing , 2, single welding, 3, row of pieces, 4, string welding, 5, cutting various auxiliary materials, stacking, lamination, cleaning, wiring and framing, etc.

3. Because solar energy is not widely used in the market. The current market competition is only in large-scale solar power plants, so there are not so many civilian manufacturers like those who make other daily necessities. So the price will naturally be higher.
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