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Work with continuous rainy day solar LED street light

by:SUNFREE     2021-02-01
Used solar LED street light users understand a truth, solar street lamp, rely on light energy into electrical energy to provide a complete set of operation of the system, but China's regional climate change is different, each place rainy weather are different, there are parts of consecutive rainy days may be short, but the rainy days longer in some places, when there is a continuous rainy day long case, solar LED street lamp battery has the enough?
the routine use of solar street lamps, we now can do continuous rainy day for 5 - Eight days. Mainly because the solar energy light source of lamps and lanterns is different from ordinary mains lamps light source inside drive solar than saves 60% electricity grid technology, solar LED street lamp light is need a cross flow source, the power of the constant current source is only 0. 0625 ( IC) W, almost negligible, and that is why the cause of the solar street light save electricity, because power saving the cost of solar street lamps and low prices. Now many rural roads is the first choice.
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